Daughters of Mormonism was created to give a voice to women's issues in the LDS Church. I've been greatly inspired and helped by Mormon Stories and Mormon Expression, but I always wished they talked more about the ways that the church affects women. Then one morning, I woke up and realized that probably the reason they didn't was because both of these podcasts are run by men, who are trying to give voice to their experiences. If I wanted to hear podcasts about my experiences as a women in the church, I needed to gather some women around me and do it. And thus, this podcast was born.

The hope of this podcast is to give voice to our experiences, our issues, our lives, as Daughters of Mormonism. In my view, any woman who has been a part of the Mormon culture or religion, whether she still participates or not, is part of this group I call the Daughters of Mormonism.

To contact Sybil: daughtersofmormonism[at]gmail[dot]com