Thursday, May 17, 2012

Episode 40: "Be Yourself (within certain parameters)" — Depression & Mormon Women Part I

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Art by Adam Martinakis
Despite how common depression is, there is a lot of denial and secrecy attached to it. In this panel, Sybil is joined by panelists Amelia and Jenne A, and guests Lisa and Kendahl to discuss their experiences in living with depression.

In this first part, we discuss depression in Utah and how  the idea of being a perfect Mormon woman can contribute to depression. We also talk about our own symptoms of depression. Here is a list of those symptoms:

Symptoms of Depression
  • apathy and detachment; difficulty connecting with the living world and being a part of what is happening
  • a sense of powerlessness
  • inward blaming, self-faulting, feeling worthless
  • excessive sleeping; also insomnia or difficulty sleeping; being highly self-critical
  • physical numbness or pain
  • asthma and breathing problems
  • mental darkness; feeling under a low ceiling
  • difficulty getting out of bed
  • self isolation; being tense and withdrawn
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • migraines
  • feeling like the body is falling apart; feeling old and in pain
  • constant hopelessness; feeling unable to make life feel worthwhile
  • eating too much or too little
  • disrupted daily living
  • being mean/angry at people you love
  • helpless crying
  • absence of appetite (for food, sex, things that usually bring pleasure)
  • escaping (into food, television, books, etc.)
  • inability to concentrate or focus; inability to "get things done" (normal, daily things)
  • being emotionally numb or overly dramatic (no middle ground or normal functioning)
  • being an appendage to someone else, not able to be the main character in own life (things happening to you rather than being an active agent)
  • feeling suicidal 
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